Unifying Conscious Business Leaders


Trissa TC is a visionary leader spearheading a transformative initiative in the business world. Her bold mission: to establish an accrediting and certification standards board for businesses, uniting prominent leaders in consciousness to redefine ethical business practices globally.

A #1 International, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Trissa draws on over two decades of diverse experience for this ambitious project. Her journey from co-founding a successful continuing legal education company to coaching multi-million dollar business owners and advising billionaires has provided her with unique insights into the critical need for conscious business practices in today's world.

Trissa's approach is rooted in a holistic integration of practical strategies with mind, body, and spirit—a methodology she believes is crucial for the future of ethical business.

Featured on major media outlets like CBS News, NBC, and Fox, Trissa has been invited to speak on prestigious platforms, including Columbia University. Her ability to connect with and interview world leaders in consciousness, business, and success—including numerous New York Times Bestselling Authors—positions her ideally to bring together thought leaders for this groundbreaking initiative.

Trissa is unwaveringly committed to revolutionize the business world by creating a recognized standard for conscious and ethical business practices. She envisions a global shift towards an abundant, heart-centered business model that fosters thriving workplaces, happy customers, and ultimately, a more awakened planet.


"I have been part of a professional group facilitated by Trissa TC for over a year. As a group facilitator myself with over 30 years experience I was grateful for Trissa’s level of skill and insight. She is able to hear all group members especially in conflict and respect and guide them into moving forward to their goals. I was truly impressed with Trissa’s integrity, professionalism and leadership at all times throughout the process. In my experience this is a rare skillset.

Aurora Hood Hammond,

BSocWk, MA Psych, Business Owner and

#1 International Bestselling Author

Pioneer the Revolution

Join Trissa in this transformative journey. If you're a prominent leader in consciousness—a visionary thinker, national bestselling author, or globally recognized spiritual teacher—your insights and expertise could be instrumental in shaping the future of ethical business standards. Trissa is actively seeking world-renowned figures in mindfulness, spirituality, and personal development to join the Wisdom Council of the Conscious Business Leaders Board.

Ready to be part of a movement that will redefine business ethics and consciousness on a global scale? Connect with Trissa and discover how you can contribute to the Conscious Business Leaders Board, setting new standards for entrepreneurship and global consciousness.

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